Slobber & Chops Dog Food - Healthy Dog Food For Happy Dogs

Slobber & Chops Dog Food - Healthy Dog Food For Happy Dogs

At Slobber & Chops, we believe that you and your dog deserve the best dog food.

Our range of healthy dry dog food recipes are formulated with nutritionists and vet-approved.

Each is created with a wide variety of human-grade ingredients sourced from the finest farms and fisheries. Allowing you to feed your dog a healthy, balanced & complete meal they will enjoy.

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On All Food Orders Delivered To Mainland UK

Ethically Sourced:
Raw & Fresh Human Grade Ingredients

Free From:
Artificial Colour, Flavours & Preservatives

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If you are a regular customer of our slobber-worthy dog food, you can subscribe and save 10% off your first subscription order and then 5% off every order following.

You can set the frequency of your deliveries and your order will be dispatched automatically, so no need for a reminder - ensuring your dog's food is on your doorstep ready for their next meal.

Slobber & Chops - Healthy Dog Food For Happy Dogs

At Slobber & Chops we believe that every dog deserves a healthy dog food. So when it comes to our ingredients we take it seriously. By Identifying key functional ingredients we can be sure every Bone Idol meal is complete, balanced and packed full of tasty goodness!

Slobber & Chops Healthy Dry Dog Food is a healthy range of vet-approved foods that you can feed your dog with confidence. With 17 recipe options from puppy to senior, Slobber & Chops dog food is here to help you and your dog get the most from life. Gently cooked and ethically sourced and tried and tested on our own lovely dogs.

With high bioavailability and nutrition at the heart of every recipe, we can be sure your dog gets what they need with every bite. Packed full of nutritional and functional ingredients to ensure our food is always balanced and complete.

So what is a functional ingredient?

Functional ingredients might include fruits, vegetables, herbs, dietary supplements, probiotics and prebiotics. They have been identified as 'functional' because they provide health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, water, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.