Slobber & Chops Adult Dog Food

Slobber & Chops Adult Dog Food

At Slobber & Chops, we believe that your dog deserves food that not only tastes great but is packed with essential nutrients to support your dog's well-being and health.

Slobber & Chops Dry dog food and Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed dog foods are packed with essential nutrients and proteins to support your dog's development throughout adulthood.

Formulated with leading nutritionists, our adult dog food is created with a variety of human-grade ingredients sourced from the finest farms and fisheries. Give your adult dog the nutrition they need for a happy, active life.

Subscribe & Save

If you are a regular customer of our slobber-worthy dog food, you can subscribe and save 10% off your first subscription order and then 5% off every order following.

You can set the frequency of your deliveries and your order will be dispatched automatically, so no need for a reminder - ensuring your dog's food is on your doorstep ready for their next meal.