Dog Friendly Brighton & Hove Beaches

Brighton and the surrounding area have some amazing beaches. So if you are looking for a seaside stroll, a pleasant promenade or a wonderful walk here is the low down on which of Brighton's beaches are dog-friendly.

Dogs are permitted on all beaches in Brighton and Hove from 1 October to 30 April and are always permitted on the upper and lower promenades if on leads.

For the rest of the year (1st May - 30 Sep), dogs are only permitted on beaches listed as dog-friendly beaches, which are the ones below.

  • The beaches between Longridge Avenue and the border with East Sussex (dogs not permitted from the beach in front of Saltdean subway and the first beach to the east)

  • The beaches between Chailey Avenue and Arundel Drive, West Rottingdean (dogs not permitted from the beach in front of Rottingdean slope and the first beach to the east)

  • The beaches between West Marina Wall to Rottingdean slope

  • The beaches between the west wall of Brighton Marina and up to Volks Railway Aquarium station.

  • The beach in front and to the East of the Meeting Place Cafe, up to the large groyne with the life-ring. (Norfolk Groyne, opposite Ramada Jarvis Hotel)

  • The beach opposite Holland Road through to the east of the Lawns Cafe, at the bottom of St John's Road, Hove Promenade

  • The beach to the west of the King Alfred car park through to Sackville Gardens.

  • The beach opposite Berridale/Welbeck Avenue through to the end of the Lagoon.

Brighton & Hove Beach Map

We hope you enjoy Brighton's beautiful beaches and keep nice and safe by keeping your dog away from the water's edge when the sea is very rough. More info and a map of these beaches can be found on the link below

Be Safe When Visiting The Beach

We Love the Beach and Our Shop is just one road back from the Seafront. That said we are keen to share some safety advice when visiting the beach or coast.

The Beach is a shared open space so please ensure you are aware of your dog at all times.

If you Dog gets into difficulty or paddles out too far while in the sea then please dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. Do not enter the water or try to follow your dog out to sea. The RNLI is there for you and your dog.

You can always visit our Brighton Shop for more information before your trip to the beach!