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We are delighted to announce that two of our fantastic Brighton dog grooming team have won coveted professional awards at a grooming competition.

Helen our Senior Groomer won 1st place in the overall competition and Ben our Director won a special recognition award - Transformation of the Day

We are delighted that our expert team have won these awards to underpin the incredible and skilled staff we have Bone Idol. 

It was a very early start on the day and Ben and Helen were in our grooming parlour with Doris and Henry our fabulous models at 6 am to complete a bath and brush pre-competition. 

The team then travelled from Brighton to Kent where the event was being held. 

We interviewed Ben and Helen and we can't wait to share their answers with you!

An interview with Helen, Bone Idol Senior Groomer and 1st place winner. 


So this was a big event Helen and your first professional competition, were you nervous? 

I think the thought of being judged by some incredibly talented names in the grooming industry was the most nerve-wracking part! But the judges were all lovely, confidence-building and gave invaluable tips which were so insightful. 

What was the most exciting part of the event? 

The entire event was just incredible but for me seeing Ben and Doris win their award was just brilliant. 

How did you feel when they announced you as the winner of the competition? 

So shocked and excited to have won and really happy for the gorgeous Henry to be in the limelight!

He deserved it after being so well behaved throughout the entire day. 

Bone Idol Award Winning Grooming Brighton Poochon

Would you have changed anything you did?

Been less nervous at the start as everyone was so supportive at the event. 

It's been great to have now taken part in a professional grooming competition and I can't wait for the next one!

Anything else you would like to add?

A big Thank you to Henry's Mum Nicola who is one of our fabulous Bone Idol customers. She entrusted me with Henry for the weekend and it was fabulous to spend that time with him. Also for all the hard work, Nicola put in brushing Henry at home every day! I know how hard it is to keep on top of hair that long on dogs legs and she did an incredible job!


An interview with Ben, Bone Idol Director and Transformation Of the Day - Award Winner


Bone Idol Brighton Award Winning Groomers

What was your highlight of the competition?

Getting to work with Doris who is a Labradoodle, a breed I love in a custom cut, Doris was impeccably behaved on the table and I absolutely loved grooming her, she was a perfect model.

So this was a big event Ben and your first professional competition, were you nervous? 

When the time started, the competition leader advised us all that during the first 15 minutes you will probably forget how to groom a dog. There was a moment where I thought that but I soon settled and relaxed into the styling. 

What was the most exciting part of the event? 

Seeing Doris once I had finished. When you do a job day to day you sometimes forget how much you love it. Doing the competition made me fall in love with grooming all over again.

Award Winning Grooming Bone Idol Brighton

How did you feel when they announced you had won a special recognition award?

Hearing my name called for a special recognition award was amazing, it makes you feel appreciated for all you do. I was totally overjoyed.

Would you have changed anything you did?

I learnt so much from the judge when she came round to check our dogs.
She was so helpful in her critique, she showed me new techniques and I can't wait to put them into practice.

Anything else you would like to add?

I absolutely loved the whole day. I would just like to thank Lee for being my assistant, the Bone Idol team for all their hard work keeping Doris knot free in the weeks before, and a huge congratulations to the lovely Helen for her amazing win she made me and the whole team so proud.

Award Winning Dog Grooming Team


We are delighted to offer our award-winning services at Bone Idol to our customers from Brighton and beyond. You too can request our fabulous grooming services through our website and see why we are one of the leading groomers in the South East. 


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