Delicious, Nutritious and Responsibly Sourced Cold Pressed Dog Food

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When it comes to dog food, we believe in “Healthy Food for Happy Dogs” at Slobber & Chops. This means that every dog deserves the best including their diet. As such, we are happy to be able to provide a range of the most flavourful and healthy cold pressed dog food on the UK market.

If you have been looking for the absolute best for your dog’s new favourite breakfast or dinner, browse the products that we have in our Nora Nose Best range and find the one you just know they’ll love before getting in touch with us to place an order today. Our friendly staff of animal lovers will be glad to help you make the perfect purchase for your pooch.

Alternatively, if you would like to see how we have helped some of our other customers, please take a look at the reviews we have; you can see for yourself just how happy we have helped to make their dogs.


Nothing But The Best In Cold Pressed

Cold pressed dog food can truly be considered everything your four-legged best friend needs in a proper, balanced and complete meal, without the fuss or time consumption found in the preparation.

All of the nutrients and goodness are retained in bite-sized pellets that have been processed in a way which keeps them easily digestible, closer to a dog’s natural diet and also more naturally tasty than some commercial dog food brands you will see on supermarket shelves or online.

It’s also by no means a new process (it’s been used for creating animal feed for horses, pigs and cattle more and more over the last 50 years), so you can be sure that manufacturers have had experience in perfecting the method.

All of the best things that you could ever want for your dog’s own diet can be found in the range, Nora Nose Best, Exclusive to Slobber & Chops. This cold pressed dog food range is made from high-quality, UK-sourced ingredients and will provide your dog with the balanced and complete meal you know they need.

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Food for Dogs

You may not be aware of the benefits for your beloved pet that come naturally from a gently compressed dog food like Nora Nose Best, but we are always happy to explain when our customers ask.

To help you we have written up the key benefits of feeding a healthy cold pressed dog food and some of the frequently asked questions concerning cold pressed dog food.

The benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food Include:

More Nutrients for Healthier, Happier Dogs

Cold pressing food involves cooking it at a lower temperature, so the vitamins, natural oils and flavours will remain preserved in the dog food. This results in healthier, tastier food that your dog will love and that will allow them to take in a greater amount of nutrients.

Functional ingredients such as sweet potato, seaweed, yucca and chicory are all included in our Nora Nose Best selection to ensure that your dog has a 100% balanced, healthy diet that will keep them happy and healthy. Every functional ingredient has been chosen so it will be easily absorbed into your dog’s body, meaning your own favourite companion will benefit more from the antioxidants and essential nutrients that these functional ingredients contain.

Easily Digestible

Cold pressed food is designed to crumble. This makes it easy for all dogs - big dogs, small dogs, dogs of any age or size to digest. Whether they have more delicate stomachs or would normally eat just about anything they could get their paws on. For some dogs, it’s often easier to digest than standard kibble!

A More Practical Diet than Raw

For some, raw feeding dogs isn’t practical for the lifestyle of dog owners, or their pets. In these cases, compressed dog food may be the ideal solution, as it is considered raw food’s next best natural substitute. Cold pressed food is also a viable option when you are planning on travelling with your dogs, as you will not have to worry about the restrictions on bringing raw food like refrigeration and freezer space.


Can be Softened for Puppies

You may be worried if cold pressed dog food is suitable for your puppy, but there is no need to be concerned.

The Nora Nose Best range of cold pressed dog food is suitable for dogs aged 2 months and older. If you have a puppy or an older dog, it is also possible to soak the food with warm water before feeding (about 15 minutes) so they will be soft and ready for even the tiniest of teeth or the most delicate of mouths.


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Closer to Natural

Cold pressed dog food often bears a greater resemblance to the natural ingredients the pellets are made from, so those who prefer their dog to remain on as natural a diet as possible will often turn to it to make up their pet’s meals.

Our Carefully Selected Product Range

We only ever offer our customers the best in grain free cold pressed dog food, and with Nora Nose Best we are proud to offer two amazing flavours that are bound to have your dogs jumping at the thought of mealtimes. These are Salmon, Wild Ocean Fish & Vegetables with Seaweed and Chicken & Vegetables with Seaweed, and they can both be found exclusively here at Bone Idol Online. With a selection of gently cooked and compressed ingredients. These two products will give your dog a choice of nutritionally balanced and completely delectable diets they need to stay healthy and satisfied.

Nora Nose Best comes in 2kg, 6kg and 12kg bags, and is suitable for both small and large breeds at all life stages. From Chihuahuas to Labradors, all dogs who receive their food from us can have exactly the nutrition they need to carry out their day.


Our Finely Sourced Ingredients

We understand that you will always have one pressing question on your mind when thinking about our cold pressed selection; “What’s in the bag?”. As a loving and responsible dog owner, it is only natural.

You will be pleased to note that the answer to your question is quite simple: only high-quality, UK-sourced functional ingredients are used when creating our dog foods. We’ve termed these ingredients as “functional” because they naturally provide health benefits to your dog that go beyond the provision of essential nutrients. This means our food will keep your four-legged friend healthy as well as happy, all while offering them a choice of the best and tastiest grain-free dog food available.


Our foods never include any fillers, and as each flavour of Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed dog foods is cold pressed, they remain nutritionally dense with high bio-availability for each of these products. Just some of the ingredients you will find in our bags include:

All of the high quality, functional ingredients we use in both our cold pressed dog food and our dry dog food will be listed on the labels and on our website when you make your purchase. Each has been carefully considered for its nutritional value, as well as factoring in dog preferences towards aroma, texture and flavours. We have created a 100% balanced and complete dog food that delivers everything your dog needs for a natural & healthy diet. We want all dogs to have a dinner that will make them as excited for mealtimes as they are for walks and new squeaky toys.

You will also find our cold pressed food a simple, easy meal for your dog because there are no unnecessary preparation. We have a dedicated are of our website just for the wonderful ingredients in our dog foods. Just use the button below.

The Science Behind Dog Food Nutrition

Our gentle cooking process plays a large part in offering your dog food with a greater amount of nutrition than many commercial dog food brands can offer. This is because the lower temperature protects nutrients, such as proteins, from being broken down and denatured, as they would be if they were cooked at high temperatures.

Protecting the nutrients in our compressed products allows for both big and small dogs to have their optimal nutrient bio-availability in every meal. This is the amount of nutrients your dog’s body will absorb once the food has been eaten. When these nutrients are taken in, they will be carried away to the tissues that need them the most and your dog will use them up in their everyday activities.

If there are any terms we’ve used that you are unfamiliar with, please don’t hesitate to look at our jargon buster.

How Our Cold Pressed Process Differs from Making Commercial & Traditional Extruded Dry Food

Many traditional and commercial food brands for dogs are manufactured using a process known as extrusion. This takes the ingredients of meat, potatoes and other vegetables or vitamin-based additions, dries them and grinds them down. Then, the resulting puree is forced out under high pressure through small nozzles in a machine known as an 'extruder'. After this, steam will heat the extruded mix to temperatures sometimes well over 130°.

As cold pressed dog food manufacturer, on the other hand, we mix the ingredients in their ground form and bring them to a press. This will shape the puree into appropriately sized pieces, using a roller that presses down as the mixture moves along, putting it under gentle pressure to pass it through holes creating pellets.

The resulting compressed food will have been exposed to some heat because of the pressure, but this will be nothing like the temperatures traditional and commercial extruded kibble can see. The average temperature used to create cold press food will most often be somewhere between 45° and 80°.


Buy Healthy Food for Happy Dogs from Slobber & Chops

Slobber & Chops Dry dog food is made using a trademarked process, that creates an amazing & tasty dry biscuit with 90% digestibility. All are made with very low temperatures.

If you have been looking for a range of grain-free, sustainably sourced dry dog foods that bring your pet closer to a natural diet and offer them the high quality, nutritionally balanced diet you know will keep them at their healthiest, then you have come to exactly the right place. We know you want what’s best for your dog here at Bone Idol, and we want to help provide it for you.

Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food

We can also offer you Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food, an amazing, high-quality dry dog food which is manufactured at exceptionally low temperatures with a mix of human-grade ingredients in 17 flavours. Unlike traditional or commercial dog foods, our dry food range is baked at much lower temperatures and is full of fresh and raw ingredients.

Nora Nose Best cold pressed food

New and exclusive to Slobber & Chops is the Nora Nose best range of cold pressed dog food. UK-made and sourced from high-quality and functional ingredients. Nora Nose Best is also suitable for all life stages from 2 months +.


Always The Best From Slobber & Chops Online

Whichever you choose, you will be picking high-quality dog food that you can serve your Dalmatian or Dachshund with confidence. We even offer a larger 15kg bag option for energetic, working dogs that have an appetite to match!

Explore our range of food products, and think of your dog as they jump excitedly over Chicken & Garden Vegetable dry food, or our Nora Nose Best Chicken and Vegetables with Seaweed cold pressed food, prepared just for them. Decide which style is right for you and think of what your dog will love the most, before buying online or getting in touch with us for more information.

If you would like to see what other satisfied customers have said about our selection, you can also scroll through our reviews before making your choice. Who knows? You might like the sound of the product they bought, and decide that it will be the food your own best friend samples first.

Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Dog Food Available In 2kg, 6kg & 12kg Bags

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much is Your Food?

Prices for our current range of dry foods start at £32.99, for 6kg bags of puppy food and adult dogs with a smaller bite than others. This price will of course increase for our 12kg and 15kg bags, but be reduced for our 2kg bags.

Owing to the unique combination of finely (and ethically) sourced ingredients, a trademarked process that maintains high levels of nutrients and the result of a happy, healthy dog who looks forward to mealtimes more than ever, you will not find a more cost-effective cold pressed food on the market.

How Do I Serve Cold Pressed Dog Food?

We believe that healthy dogs are fed to their size. So, all you have to do to ensure that your dog is getting the delicious nutrition he or she needs is measure out a bowl of our food in their weight and size category. Whether your best friend is a Pomeranian or Pug, a German Shepherd or Great Dane, Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed is suitable for all dogs in all life stages and a feeding guide is included online and on every bag, no matter if it is 2kg or 15kg.

You also have the option of mixing your cold pressed food purchase with raw food you wish to serve to your dog, as both will break down at similar rates in their digestive system. As always, your dog should also have fresh, clean water available with their meal.

How Should Cold Pressed Dog Food Be Stored?

We highly recommend that you store your purchases in their bags, in a cool, dry place. This will keep your dog’s meals at their freshest for longer. When these bags remain unopened, they will have a shelf life of up to 9 months.

How Much Do You Charge for UK Delivery?

We are delighted to be able to offer free delivery on all dog food orders to Mainland UK addresses.