Winter Warning - Advice on Road Salt & Your Dog

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At Bone Idol, our mission is to keep the pets of Brighton healthy, happy and fabulous. We never want to sensationalise or scaremonger, just make sure you have all the facts you need to keep your pets safe and sound. The salt used to de-ice roads and paths is a mixture of salt (sodium chloride) and grit. 

This road salt can pose a danger to pets such as dogs and cats if they lick it from their paws or fur. A small amount of pure salt can be very dangerous to pets. According to the RSPCA, ingestion can result in a high blood sodium concentration which can cause thirst, vomiting and lethargy, and in severe cases, there is a risk of convulsions and kidney damage. 

The RSPCA says "Most cases involve animals that have walked through gritted snow and then lick or chew it off their paws as they can find it irritating.

It is therefore important to thoroughly wipe your pet’s feet and the fur on his/her legs and tummy after a walk or time outside." 

If your dog is showing any signs of discomfort after possible exposure to rock salt, wash your dog thoroughly or contact us to do it. You can call us on 01273 695631. 


The RSPCA says that any animal suspected of ingestion of rock salt must be assessed by a vet immediately.

This is important as signs can be non-specific and a blood test will be required to check the blood sodium concentration. Immediate veterinary treatment will be needed to rehydrate the animal and stabilise their sodium levels.  

Winter can be a wonderful time to get outside and have a lovely invigorating walk, we just want you to know what to look out for...    

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