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Transitioning Your Dog to a New Complete Dry Food: Tips for a Smooth Change

Introducing a new complete dry dog food into your furry friend's diet can be a significant adjustment, both for them and for you as a pet owner. Whethe...

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Debunking Myths: The Truth About Complete Dry Dog Food

When it comes to feeding our furry companions, there's a plethora of information out there—some factual, some speculative, and some downright false....

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Behind-The-Scenes: Dog Food Factory Tour

At Slobber & Chops, we are passionate about keeping your dog as healthy and as happy as possible, and we believe that the journey always begins wit...

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Are Supermarket Pet Food Ingredients Unclear?

New research has revealed that a staggering 95% of dog foods sold in Britain’s supermarkets and on Amazon’s bestseller list don’t reveal their exact ingredie...

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