Top Tips on Fireworks & Dogs

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The RSPCA estimate that over 45% of dogs in the UK show some signs of fear around fireworks, but there are simple things you can do to help your pet.  

As Bonfire night is just around the corner, at Bone Idol we want to make sure your furry friends are as peaceful as possible during the firework festivities.  

We have collated some top tips and things for you to think about so you can plan ahead and be prepared. This video from the RSPCA is a good starting point: 

Here are some other things to think about: 

1. Walk your dog in daylight hours Try to walk your dog during daylight hours to avoid being outside at times when fireworks are likely to be set off. 

2. Minimise the noise Make sure you have closed all windows and drawn the curtains to muffle the sound of the fireworks. You could also put on some music or the television to distract from the firework noise. 

3. Create a den or hiding place Create a quiet safe space or den in your house, in the quietest room where your pet can feel in control, perhaps cover their basket with blankets.  Or ensure that your dog is able to access their normal hiding place around your home. Let them stay quietly in this place, trying to coax them out can add to their fear and agitation. 

4. Sound therapy for puppies The Dog's Trust has developed some sound therapy which safely and gradually exposes puppies to many different experiences, including loud noises, during their essential socialisation period of 3 to 16 weeks of age. Dog who have gone through this are often able to better cope more effectively with novel, frightening sounds like fireworks or loud engine noises. The free downloads available here, together with their corresponding how-to-guides, contain a collection of specifically recorded noises that all puppies need to get used to, including domestic noises, traffic, fireworks and thunder. 

5. Stress relief At Bone idol we sell several products which are designed to offer your pet natural stress relief and give a calming effect. For example we sell a Pet Remedy Natural Defuser or a spray which contains natural calming essential oils. Or why not try our beautiful Lila Loves It 'Calming Pillow Spray'. The essential oils in the spray are 100% natural, relaxing your dog in stressful situations such as a car ride, visit to the vet, or any other stressful situation. The lovely fragrance of Lavender from Provence delights both the dog and owner. 

Our team are doggy experts and are on hand 7 days a week to help. You can pop into our store at 98 St James's St, Brighton BN2 1TP, email us or call us on 01273 695631

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