Puppy Admin

There’s a little admin associated with being a puppy parent. You’ll need to:

  • Find and register with a local vet. All dogs over 8 weeks need to be micro-chipped by law. A microchip is a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice that is injected into your puppy’s skin at the back of its neck.  Each chip has a unique number which is stored in a central database and which allows your dog to be identified if lost. Your puppy has their second vaccinations usually around the 12 week mark and you may also want to consult with your vet about worming, flea treatment and neutering.

  • Investigate local puppy classes. We always recommend completing a set of classes as it will make you a more confident puppy parent and also help your puppy socialise and learn the skills and behaviour which will stay with them for life.

  • Research and organise pet insurance.

  • All dogs will also need to have a collar and tag with their owner’s contact details on. You can order bespoke tags from Bone Idol which are then sent directly to you.