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Bone Idol Healthy Dog Food for Happy Dogs, Balanced & Complete Dog Food

Puppies need a special diet that is different from other life stages.

Bone Idol Puppy Food recipes are formulated to ensure your puppy gets everything they need including a high level of protein to support health, growth and development during this crucial phase of life.

Bone Idol Healthy Puppy Food is always balanced and complete. Every recipe is formulated with industry leading nutritionists and is vet approved.

Sourced and made in the UK.

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Ethically Sourced
Raw & Fresh Human Grade Ingredients

Free From
Artificial Colours, Flavours & Preservatives

Balanced & Complete

From Puppy to Senior dog food, all the ingredients are responsibly sourced and highly nutritious all selected from our farms and trusted sources providing you with a guarantee of the highest quality in every bag.

With our commitment to healthy, ethically sourced fresh & raw ingredients, your dog will taste the difference.

Fed For Life

Every puppy recipe from Bone Idol is designed specifically to support the health, growth and development of your new family member while providing a balanced and complete meal.

To ensure every healthy meal provides your puppy with everything they need to support development without excessive weight gain, each recipe has it's own feeding guide. These feeding guides are based on the expected size of the adult dog they will become and are printed on every bag.

We even have special food for larger breed puppies where the standard adult weight of the dog is expected to be over 25kg.

Healthy Puppy Food

Bone Idol Puppy Food is made using a trademarked process that cooks at a low temperatures and pressures. This unique cooking process maintains a higher nutrient bio-availability, meaning Bone Idol Puppy Food has more goodness, natural aroma and taste for your dog.

Sweet Potato

Every recipe is grain free because we use sweet potatoes rather than grains in our healthy dog food. Sweet potato provides complex carbohydrates that are easily digestible, naturally tasty and low glycaemic index meaning it slowly releases energy throughout the day.

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