Puppy Food Guide

    • Your breeder should have given you advice about your puppy's dietary needs. Generally puppies should be fed little and often. 

    • Dietary needs will change and your puppy will need to gradually move to adult dog food.  

    • Puppies just love to chew. If you see your puppy going to chew something that he shouldn’t, distract him, call him/her or offer them a chew friendly toy. You want to get into the habit of always praising them when they obey. Don’t give your puppy bones to chew on as they can splinter and cut puppy’s mouth, look for puppy safe chews instead.


    Top tip from Ben Thorpe, Director of Bone Idol

    “Because your puppy will be constantly growing optimal nutrition is super important. Bone Idol has food which we have developed especially for puppies, we offer puppy food in Grain Free and Super Premium varieties. They have been designed with your pup’s nutritional needs in mind and they are both chicken flavour as this is particularly mild for their little bellies.”