Puppy proof and prep your home

Before you bring your new little one home you’ll want to puppy prep and proof you home. Think about:

  • Creating a safe space for your puppy to play, and providing toys to keep them stimulated 

  • Having a puppy crate/playpen for house training and securing puppy for short periods of time

  • You may want to use a stair gate/ door gate to limit where your puppy can access

  • Having a cosy washable bed in a quiet, draft-free place where your puppy can rest undisturbed 

  • Getting  food and water bowls that are suitable for your puppy’s size

  • Getting stocked up with toilet training aids and pet-safe disinfectants to help cope with those little accidents. We have plenty in store and are always happy to advise you on what to get

  • Dog proofing your car and getting a transporter, or car harness for driving safety

At first you should always supervise your puppy when not in its crate/playpen. Having a puppy is a little like having a very curious toddler with sharp teeth, there are lots of day to day hazards in the home which you will want to manage: 

  • Think about electrical points and protectors and getting chord covers

  • Some houseplants can be poisonous, so move plants safely out of reach

  • Pack up chemicals and your medicines, think about things like toilet bleach, medicines on bedside tables or counter tops. Safety caps are not always enough once sharp teeth are involved.

  • Beware of batteries in things like car keys, remote controls, phones, watches, kids toys all such items should be kept well out of reach, as small batteries can be swallowed and can therefore be extremely dangerous. 

  • Handbags, and bags should be kept completely out of reach

  • Rubbish bins can be very interesting yet hazardous to your puppy