Puppy Socialisation

  • During the early weeks and months you will want to introduce your puppy to lots of different sights and sounds. Gently introduce him/her to new people, letting them  approach new people in their own time, never forcing the issue, letting your pup make the first move. Gentle, low key introductions to children are best, trying to keep the excitement levels on the low down, perhaps asking children to sit down and give puppy as much space as needed.
  • If your friends have healthy, fully vaccinated puppy-friendly dogs, you may want to introduce them in time. 

  • Carrying him or her around outside to introduce them to new people, sights and environments. 

  • Gradually introducing them to the car, being handled and having their ears, eyes and other body parts checked. 

  • Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, you can fully socialise them outside. You don’t want to take him/her out on pavements, parks or gardens which may have been soiled by other animals until he/she has been fully vaccinated.

  • Knowing what your puppy likes (favourite food or toys) can help to motivate and reward them during training.

  • Growing and learning is very tiring for a young pup so let them have lots of rest and try and keep training sessions short and fun.