Puppy Socialisation Guide: The Basics

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During the early weeks and months, you will want to introduce your puppy to lots of different sights, sounds and experiences. Gently introduce them to new people, let them approach things in their own time. Always keep things positive and let your new puppy make the first move.

This stage is known by many as the socialisation period. This can last up to week 12-16 of your puppy's life. During this period your new dog will learn to accept things around them. This helps them to be familiar with the things that happen in their lives. Puppies without good socialisation may develop fears of new surroundings, people and experiences. Being such a short period, it is key to have a list to work through. Try to identify all the key things your puppy may experience!

Socialisation: Starting At Home

  • Gentle, low-key introductions to children are best, trying to keep the experience as calm as possible, perhaps asking children to sit down and give the puppy as much space as needed.

  • If your friends have healthy, fully vaccinated puppy-friendly dogs, you may choose to introduce them before your puppy's vaccinations, but please take advice from your Vet.

  • Carrying them around outside to introduce them to new people, sights and environments. Stand near busy roads or shops.

  • Gradually introducing them to the car, being handled and having their ears, eyes and other body parts checked regularly.

Bone Idol New Puppy Socialisation Guide, Labrador puppy, Getting started with a new puppy, Top Tips, Bone Idol Healthy Dog Food,

Puppy Socialisation: Stepping Outside

Bone Idol New Puppy Socialisation Guide, Dog Noses, Getting started with a new puppy, Top Tips, Bone Idol Healthy Dog Food,
  • Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, you can fully socialise them outside. You don’t want to take him/her out on pavements, parks or gardens which may have been soiled by other animals until he/she has been fully vaccinated.

  • Grooming! We can not stress this enough. If your dog has a coat that will require grooming visit the local groomer of your choice. At our Brighton Grooming Parlour, we offer a free Puppy Grooming Package to help introduce them to the grooming process in a fun positive way. Check out the button below.

  • Growing and learning is very tiring for a young pup so let them have lots of rest and try and keep training sessions short and fun.

  • When Introducing dog and puppies, remove toys and food. Bring the puppy into the room/garden first, then introduce the older dog. Try to keep excitement to a minimum and remember to give the older dog plenty of attention.

  • If you are worried about how your older dog may behave use a puppy pen and introduce them. This allows them to safely investigate and get to know each other