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Asian Fusion Dog Grooming  

Dennis - Shih-Tzu, showcasing a custom Asian Fusion Groom.  

At Bone Idol, the grooming we do isn’t always ‘The Breed Standard’. Our award-winning team have been inspired greatly on the arts of the Asian Fusion world of dog grooming. 

Asian Fusion is a distinct style of grooming which is often unique and similar to that of a teddy bear or cartoon character. It's a specialist grooming technique and one that our Brighton team love to create. 

Asian fusion grooming or Asian Freestyle as it’s sometimes called, originated in Japan, China and Korea when grooming artists were hoping to achieve a look that bought back the look of a puppy to dogs of any age and almost any breed.

 Buzz - Maltese, showcasing a custom Asian Fusion Groom. 

That said, some of the more popular breeds of dog which suit Asian Fusion styles are Bichon, Poodles, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Schnauzers and Yorkies. 

Asian fusion does not follow the breed standard grooming styles that most groomers would be taught during training at college.

Asian fusion offers its own unique blend of braids and ponytails that allow for much more artistic freedom for both the groomer and the owner of the dog.

Specific techniques of the Asian fusion grooming cut often give the dog fluffy tube-like legs which almost resemble the texture of candy floss, sometimes with the cut being tapered at the top near the elbow and flaring the bottoms as if the dog were wearing a pair of 70’s flares. 

The face of the dog, known as the muzzle, is often rounded into a doughnut same to create the look of a teddy bear.  

Doris - Labradoodle, showcasing a custom Asian Fusion Groom. 

At Bone Idol we believe it’s important for our customers to be able to express their personalities into their desired groom they desire for their dog, so whether it’s traditional or something to more suit we love to do our best. 


Sapper - Cockapoo, showcasing a custom Asian Fusion Groom. 

We have styled dogs into donkeys, we have given dogs disco boots, we have even done flares and we love to scissor a doughnut muzzle, we have even mixed up the breed standards and taken one and added it to a different breed. 

Fern- Poochon, showcasing a custom Asian Fusion Groom. 

We just love making the dogs of Brighton and beyond look fabulous, if you have something you want to we'd love to talk with you. 


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