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Helping You Buy Healthy Dry & Cold Pressed Dog Food For Your Dog

Here at Slobber & Chops, we believe the journey to keeping your dog as healthy and as happy as possible always begins with a complete and balanced diet. To help make this happen for every four-legged friend that trots, pads or bounds into our shop, we are more than happy to assist owners in picking out the right dog food that will suit the needs of their pet perfectly.

If you’re interested in placing an order for a bag of our flavoursome foods for your furry friend, or if you have sampled our ranges before and know you need a subscription to keep your animal companion happy, browse the selection we have available here and contact us today when you’re ready to buy.

Our Brands For Your Best Friend

We believe in offering our customers a choice of foods to complete their dog’s diet, in ranges which serve up the balanced nutrition that your pet needs in a dish they can’t resist. This is why we have two different brands on offer to buy online or in our store ‒ Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food (17 flavours and styles) and Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Dog Food (two healthy & classic flavours).

We also purposefully ensure that both these ranges are cooked at a lower temperature, to preserve as many of those precious proteins that your pooch needs as possible.

Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food

Offering an entire menu of flavours, our Dry Dog Food selection is certain to make your good boy or girl jump with excitement at the thought of mealtimes! This keeps them happy, and you can be happy too knowing that the formula we use will keep your pet as hale and hearty as they have always been. Let them crunch their way through a bag specifically prepared for their life stage and see just how much of a difference a new diet has made.

Click through to learn more about the Dry Dog Food flavours we have available, and to learn more about what these spectacular meals can bring to your pooch.

Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Food

Our Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Food might currently offer a more select set of flavours for your dog, but the delectable bites you will find in every bag offer dogs of all shapes and sizes the same nutrients, taste and satisfaction you would find in a home-cooked meal. Easily digestible, closer to a dog’s natural diet and even more naturally tasty than dry food, Nora Nose Best is everything you could want in a fabulous alternative brand.

Find out more about Nora Nose Best here, from how the food is prepared and cooked, to the science behind the nutrition. You can even browse through the appetising flavours we have in our shop and available to order online.

Our Dog Food Helps to Keep Pets Healthy

You’ll even be delighted to find out that our high quality, low fat range of ingredients are not only dog-drool-worthy, but they are also hypoallergenic and specifically chosen to take extra care with sensitive stomachs. This reduces the chance of an allergic reaction if your dog has any particular food-based allergies, keeping your best boy or girl as comfortable and as healthy as can be while they crunch down on their dry kibble or cold pressed food.

All of our recipes are formulated with the help of leading nutritionists based within the industry, and all are professionally approved by a trusted vet before they make their way onto our online pages or shop shelves. As such, you can put your trust in us to create premium-grade pet food, and never anything less.

What Can Our Dog Food Bring to Your Best Boy or Girl?

We want to make sure that your dog only ever eats meals and treats that allow your dogs to be happy and healthy. This is why we are proud to say that our ranges can bring out the best in terms of nutrition for your dog, no matter if they are a puppy, adult or senior.

We can say this because the cooking process we use for Nora Nose Best, in comparison to many other dog food brands, will not denature the nutrients. This leaves them intact and ready to be digested and absorbed when your dog has his or her next meal. With every cold pressed portion served, your favourite animal companion will be receiving all the nutrition they could need to carry out their day, whether they prefer bounding along chasing a ball or are a bit more of a couch potato.

Our cooking process also means every kibble and pellet bite is packed with the full, delicious flavour that closely mirrors a dog’s natural diet, meaning they will look forward to mealtimes more than ever. If you’ve been hoping to feed your dog a more natural, low-fat diet, this may be just what you have been looking for!

The Scrumptious Choices of Our Product Range

We adore dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, and we want each of them to have balanced and complete diets that will keep them healthy and happy throughout their days. To help you make a comparison and choose exactly the right range for a pup of any generation, we have split our ranges into different categories:

Dry Dog Food for Puppies, which is ideal for any new little members of your family that need the best start in life, no matter whether they are a small breed or large

Small Bite Dry Dog Food, for when your dog with a smaller snout (such as a Chihuahua or Pomeranian) needs their complete nutrition

Big Bite Dry Dog Food, for dogs with big bites and big appetites

Light Dog Food, for when your furry friend needs a low fat option for their meals

Adult Dry Dog Food, the perfect choice for all adult dogs of any size (all you need to do is change the bag size)

Senior Dry Dog Food, which we have carefully formulated to ensure it offers the best nutrition to any dog who is 7 years or older

All the dog food we sell comes in bags made of compostable components. Cold pressed dog food comes in various sizes from 2kg, through 6kg and 12kg. Dry dog food comes in various sizes, depending on style or flavours including 6kg, 12kg as standard and 15kg for working dogs.

Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed is a very versatile brand, and is readily available for any puppy or pooch from 2 months and up.

The last remaining worry in your mind will most likely be about the cost of delivery on any of these fine foods, but there is no need to start adding extra pounds and pence to your budget just yet. Our delivery service is free for all orders and subscriptions coming from Mainland UK, so you will not be paying extra to ensure that your dog gets what he or she deserves!

Our Gourmet Ingredients

Every natural, high quality (and human grade) ingredient that goes into our food will have been home grown or ethically raised, and there will never be any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives topping up the rest of the bag. There’s simply no need for them, as each food item that goes onto any of our ingredients lists have been termed “functional”. This means that these foods will provide your dog with a higher amount of nutrients in comparison to other wet and dry kibble brands, whether you’ve previously looked online or on any number of supermarket shelves.

Just some of the delectable ingredients you will find cooked into our dry and cold pressed recipes include:


Aberdeen Angus Beef




Game (Venison)

Fish such as Salmon and Trout (we also make use of omega-3 from fish oil)




We understand that dog owners will sometimes bring along a pooch with allergies, or with a more delicate digestive system, so we do everything we can with our recipes to make sure that they don’t miss out on their favourite flavours. This means using potato and sweet potato at the heart of every formula, as these humble-looking but hypoallergenic ingredients are less likely to cause bothersome stomach upsets. It also means that we only offer completely natural, grain-free dog food.

What You See is What You Get

We know that, whether your pup has allergies or not, you will want to know exactly what you are dishing up for them every day. You don’t often get this opportunity when you choose to buy brands from supermarkets, as not every ingredient used will be listed on the label. As such, you may be missing out on a hypoallergenic ingredient that would otherwise help out with your dog’s poorly belly, or a key ingredient that would bring out that extra sparkle in their eyes or shine in their coat.

This is a problem you will never come across with Slobber & Chops, as we are fully committed to providing an open and honest service, just as we are to taking care of all the dogs we meet. We believe in adding every ingredient we use to the labels on our bags, in order of greatest percentage in the recipe, so you will never have to worry about what you might not be able to see in the meals we provide. This means that if your dog utterly adores a particular type of meat or fish, you may rest assured that they will be getting exactly the treat dinner that they love.

Bring High Quality Dog Food Home for Your Best Friend Today

If you have been searching for a supply of dog food that will have your pets jumping for joy at how delicious they are, and you want nothing more than to ensure your nearest and dearest animal companions are getting the most nutrition out of every bite, then Slobber & Chops has the selection for you.

Both of our brands’ recipe ranges are cooked up to contain as many nutrients as possible, keeping the full, mouth-watering flavours sealed in right alongside them. This ensures your dog is truly getting the best of both worlds, as each bag will contain a healthy meal that is also a treat to eat.

Explore the food selections we have here today and think of the wagging tails and bright eyes you’ll see when you bring the food home to your pet, before buying the bag you know they will love the most.

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