What is Crude Ash and why is it in my dogs dinner?

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It is common to come across the term 'ash' or 'crude ash' in the list of ingredients of pet food. However, many pet owners are often unsure about its significance. Simply put, these terms refer to the amount of minerals or inorganic matter present in the food. This is determined by burning a sample of the food, leaving behind only the ash or mineral components.

The mineral content in pet food comes from raw materials and mineral supplements added to ensure the food is complete and balanced for your furry friend. With Slobber & Chops dog food, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.

Where do I find the ash level?

The ash level can be found on the back of the bag under the "Analytical Constituents" heading, which is a legal requirement for all pet food. A complete dog food should have an ash level ranging from 4% to 10%, while those with higher meat content may have an ash level closer to 10%.

Therefore, if you ever come across the term 'ash' in your pet's food, there is no need to worry. It simply signifies that the food contains essential minerals that your pet needs for optimal health.

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