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As your puppy grows and starts getting used to just about everything in this big, brand-new world, they will require a diet that is a little bit different to other life stages. Once you have finished weaning them off their mother’s milk, they are going to need something which will set them up for a happy and healthy life.

This is where we are delighted to be able to step in and help, as our very own Slobber & Chop Puppy Food ranges are formulated in a way that ensures your puppy gets everything they need for proper nutrition. This includes the high levels of protein that will see them through this crucial phase of growth and development, and let them bound out the other side as adult dogs with full health and the bright, sparkling look in their eyes that warms your heart to see.

Dalmatian Puppy | Balanced and Complete Puppy Food From Bone Idol

Full Bellies and Full Approval from Leading Professionals

Our puppy food ranges will never be anything less than balanced and complete, as every recipe is developed with industry-leading nutritionists in the development stages, and then given the nod of approval by trusted vets before we even think of putting it on sale. No matter if you are feeding your Labrador puppy, or Cocker Spaniel, or even getting smaller bags of food for a French Bulldog, we will have the kibble and pellets you need.

All of our natural, nutritionally rich ingredients are sourced right here in the UK, so you will never be left guessing where your smallest family member’s food is coming from.

Our Ranges of Balanced, Complete & Fully Nutritious Meals

Right from the time your puppies have finished weaning and are ready to get their paws on some food they can sink their new teeth into, we aim to offer brands which will provide them with all the nutrients they need to go out and explore the world as only curious new little creatures can. This is why we are happy to offer both Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food and Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Dog Food to owners looking for just the right nutrient mix for their smallest family member.

Slobber & Chops Puppy Food

We are delighted to be able to offer a vast selection of flavourful foods made from the very best sourced ingredients, all to provide your puppy with bags of specially created Slobber & Chops Puppy Food. Full up with all the nutrients (particularly protein) that they will need to have the very best start in life, the bags we offer give your best friend the unique combination of the healthiest diet and the most delicious meals.

Healthy Puppy Food From Slobber & Chops

Nora Nose Best | Chicken & Vegetables with Seaweed

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Healthy Dry Dog Food | Chicken & Turkey with Salmon & Garden Vegetables Puppy

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Nora Nose Best | Salmon & Wild Ocean Fish & Vegetables with Seaweed

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Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Food

Offering your pup everything they need from 2 months onwards, Nora Nose Best is not only versatile enough to remain your dog’s favourite brand well into adulthood, but will also keep them bounding along as though they never left the puppy stage at all! Packed with all the nutrients of a home-cooked meal and just as tasty for any pooch as the dishes they give you “the eyes” over at the table, our cold pressed range is ready and waiting to be served.

Every Puppy, Fed for Life

Our dry and cold pressed food recipes are designed specifically to support the healthy development and growth of any new little one you bring into your home, all while still offering a complete and balanced meal that works for breeds of any size, from Labrador puppies and Great Danes, right down to the smallest Yorkie or French Bulldog puppy. How much food they requires will differ, but we are more than prepared to help you get ready for this.

To ensure that your puppy is being provided with everything they need in a healthy, balanced meal, while being supported in their growth and development without putting on too much excess weight, each of our recipes will come with their very own feeding guide.

This guide is printed on every bag and will reflect the expected size of your dog once they reach adulthood. We even have a special series of food bags available for breeds that will normally grow to be over 25kg!

So, whether you have the smallest Cockapoo puppy, are expecting average-sized Labrador Retrievers or know your Newfoundland or Great Dane will grow up as a fine example of a giant breed, our guide can offer all the advice you need.

Cooking it Differently, Keeping it Healthy

Puppies! | Healthy Dog Food From Bone Idol

We use a special method of cooking our cold pressed pellets and dry kibble, baking them at a lower temperature and using lower levels of pressure. This removes bacteria but prevents the ingredients from losing their all-important proteins that your little pooch will need to grow up healthy and happy. The process not only leaves all the nutrients your best boy or girl needs intact and ready to be absorbed, but it also results in a fuller, more flavourful taste that closely reflects the natural diet a dog would have.

Putting the “Fun” in “Functional Ingredients”

We use a special phrase to describe the finest natural, ethically sourced ingredients that we will use to ensure your puppy can play and grow and have fun until they wear themselves out. We call these “functional” ingredients, because they offer your smallest best friend a number of health benefits that might not be provided by the range found in standard, supermarket recipes for wet or dry foods.

Every ingredient we use has been chosen because it offers a hypoallergenic alternative to another common ingredient, or because it will be easily absorbed into your pup’s system. This ensures that your puppy, whether they are a Cockapoo, Labrador or Swiss Mountain Dog, will be getting the nutrients they need to live the healthy, happy life they deserve.

The functional ingredients we cook into our recipes range from tender and succulent chicken to vitamin-packed garden and farm vegetables, fresh fish and a variety of herbs. But each will always have the same hypoallergenic ingredient at the heart which keeps the recipes grain-free: sweet potatoes. These root vegetables may appear humble and unassuming, but they can offer any growing pup, from French Bulldogs to Irish Wolfhounds, a number of benefits:

  • As a complex carbohydrate, they slowly release energy throughout the day
  • They keep your pet fuller for longer and are easily digestible
  • They are chock-full of fibre and vitamins
  • They help to maintain your pup’s eyesight, coat and skin condition
  • They are hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and can help to boost immunity
  • They are believed to help with stress, promoting relaxation in your pup

We know, it’s practically unimaginable feeding your puppy from a bag or tin that doesn’t list every ingredient on the label. This could mean that any number of unsavoury ingredients are going into your dog’s diet, and it is something we wish to avoid entirely. This is why we are proud to list every ingredient that goes into our food brands on the bags’ labels, as well as the growth guide. This means that you can check exactly what your little one is eating, without worrying if anything else has gone into preparation.

Help Them Grow Up Healthy & Happy

If you have been looking to feed your puppy a new, nutritious and delicious brand that is bound to keep them yapping happily when they don’t have their tiny snouts buried in their bowls, then Slobber & Chops Dry Dog Food or Nora Nose Best may just be the brands you are looking for.

Whether you have a Cockapoo, Standard Schnauzer or English Mastiff, we know exactly what it will take to get your pup the ideal mix of high quality nutrients and delicious ingredients that will help to keep them healthy and happy for many years to come. We also know how much food you should give each breed size, with this advice appearing on every bag.

Our Puppy Food brands are available for order or even as subscriptions, with free delivery available across the whole of Mainland UK. So, if you know that your tiny new family member will soon be hungry for more permanent, solid meal plans, choose the bag you think they’ll love the most and contact our animal-loving team today to get it sent to you when you need.

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Puppy Food FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Difference Between Adult Food and Puppy Food?

Both puppies and adult dogs have different nutritional needs, as they are in different life stages. Puppies, for instance, are still growing. This means that their bones are still building up, and their organs and adult teeth are still developing. To help this along, their diets will need to be made up of a lot more protein than a diet catered towards an adult dog. The latter will instead need a complete and balanced diet in their weight and size category (whether they are small or large breed dogs), to stay as happy and healthy as we all want them to be.

This is why we have ensured that our dry food recipes and ranges for puppies and adult dogs are both packed with the exact nutrients they need to bound and play their way through their days, while offering a fuller, more delicious flavour than any wet food tin or bag of dry food found on supermarket shelves.

Nora Nose Best is suitable for both small and large breeds of all life stages from 2 months (8 weeks of age) onwards, with no difference between ages from this point. When serving up a meal of compressed food, all you will need to do to ensure your pet is getting the healthy, flavoursome and near-natural diet that’s best for them is measure out a bowl in their size and weight category. 

How Should I Transition My Puppy Onto New Food?

The newest little bellies are often some of the most sensitive, and even as your dog grows older, this may still be an issue. In order to avoid any upset stomachs when weaning puppies off milk or other foods and onto our brands, we highly recommend introducing the food gradually. Start by gently mixing the new dry or cold pressed pellets into their current kibble or wet food brand, and slowly increase the amount until they are able to make their way through a whole bowl of their new food without any problems.

This should be done over a period of about 7-10 days, so that both small and large breeds have ample opportunity to settle and develop a taste for their new dishes. How much food your puppy will need will also vary and change, depending on the size of your breed, so don’t forget to adjust the portion size as they grow!

If you’re concerned about your pup’s new teeth still being sensitive as well, you can also soften the pellets with a little bit of warm water. Fresh water should also always be available in a separate bowl, to quench their thirst.

Can I Feed My Puppy Raw Dog Food?

If you prefer to keep your pets on raw food diets for most of the time but would also like another near-natural option, our Nora Nose Best range should suit your needs nicely. Both cold pressed food and raw food will break down at similar speeds in your dog’s digestive system, so raw food diets can easily be propped up with a bit of cold pressed, without your pup’s stomach becoming too sensitive!

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