How much do we spend on our pets in the UK?

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Brits Spend £12 billion on pets!

It’s no secret that we are a nation of dog lovers, and we love to spoil them. Recent research by American Express has revealed that Britain spends £12 billion every year on their pets.

This shows an increase of £1.4 billion since 2016 with an average of £1,342 spent per pet.

Other data from the study shows that the amount of dogs has risen from 8.5 million in 2016 to an estimated 9 million today.

With this much love for UK pet’s the team at Bone Idol use their knowledge, experience and education in tandem with our industry experts to make the best decisions when it comes to grooming practices and retail products.

At Bone Idol, we research all our products and services to ensure you always have the best to choose from and can shop with confidence.

We believe that making informed choices about the quality of ingredients and products, our buying sources, the best practice in animal care and, where possible, the sustainability, let you buy with confidence and pride.

We aim to reuse where possible and minimise waste and maximise recycling. We have recycled paper shopping bags in-store and reusable canvas totes for sale at cost. We even have a range of locally handmade collars and leads.

Our amazing dog food is made in the UK and the whole process is designed to reduce landfill waste while maximising recycling. All air and water used in the manufacturing of our pet food is cleaned and recycled on-site minimising the impact on the environment. Even our Bone Idol dog food bags are made from compostable components.

So shop with confidence and pride at our lovely shop in Brighton or online knowing we are doing our best for you and your dog!

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