Bring Home the Best with a Dog Food Subscription

Have you ever had the worrying thought that maybe you’ve run out of dog food? Does the thought of your furry friend’s disappointed little face as you have to quickly dash out to the shops to pick something up make you feel forlorn?


Could we perhaps help you to set up a system where you will never have to have this thought again? Or, at least if you do, it will immediately be followed by a big sigh of relief because you know you will always have enough?


This is exactly what we will be happy to provide, through our very own Bone Idol Dog Food Subscription service. Our delectable, nutritious offerings can be shipped to your location in no time at all. Simply sign up to one of our subscription options and rest assured that your pooch will never run out of food again!


Make Our Brands Your Meal Plan


We’ve all heard the expression “as fit as a butcher’s dog”, but why stop there? Why not create a meal plan for your own beloved pet that keeps them as fit as the butcher’s dog, the farmer’s dog, and every other sweet pup or hound that they bound along to play with in the park? It’s easily achieved with the proper, balanced diet that all dogs deserve, and our two brands, Bone Idol Dry Dog Food and Nora Nose Best Cold Pressed Dog Food, offer all our customers the subscription choice that suits their dog best.


You can rest assured that all pet food delivered from either of these ranges will offer your Labrador, Jack Russell Terrier or Afghan Hound full, balanced nutrition, as our foods are cooked at lower temperatures to ensure there is no breakdown of the proteins your pooch will need to stay healthy and happy. The process also keeps cold pressed food closer to the natural ingredients found in the pellets, so if you have your heart set on keeping your dog on a more natural, grain-free diet, then a regular delivery of Nora Nose Best might be just what you’re looking for.


Serving Up Your Subscription


In order to keep your dog at a healthy weight, all you will need to do is measure out a bowl of your delivered food in their size category. Luckily, every enjoyable bag we provide can be ordered in 2kg, 6kg or 12kg sizes, or even 15kg if you have a working dog that needs a little bit of extra energy.


All of our fully natural (and human grade!) ingredients come ethically sourced with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, but as dogs can often have rather sensitive stomachs, we always suggest that you start them on their new diet by gently mixing small amounts of the subscription food into their current wet or dry food brand. This amount should then be gradually increased, over a period of about 7-10 days, until they are able to munch their way through a full bowl with no trouble, and with no need for extra wet or dry food on the side.


If you believe in raw feeding as an option for your pet, you will be happy to find out that our cold pressed range is perfectly suitable for mixing with raw dog food. Both cold pressed pellets and raw food will break down at similar rates in your pooch’s digestive system, so there is a smaller chance of any sort of stomach upset. Any and all meals should have fresh, clean water available to quench your pet’s thirst, too.




What’s on the Label is What We Deliver to Your Door


A lot of research has shown that a staggering 95% of wet and dry dog foods in Britain, either in supermarkets or online, don’t label all of the ingredients that go into the meals in their bags and tins. We know it’s an unappetising thought, but this could mean that a whole variety of ingredients have gone in during preparation, and it will then be up to you to decipher what each vague or confusing label addition means when you see the end result stacked on the shelves or pictured on your computer.


At Bone Idol, we make it our business to ensure our customers are never worried about what could be being dished up for their dog. We list every ingredient we use clearly and precisely on our bags’ labels, transforming the information so that:


  • Mystery “meats” are instead labelled by the animal they came from, whether they are chicken, beef, venison or pork
  • “Oils and fats” become the high quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that you know provide an actual nutritional benefit to your pet, keeping their skin and coat as healthy as possible
  • The indistinct term “cereals” is removed altogether, as our recipes are all-grain free and instead use a blend of potato and sweet potato, because these carbohydrate sources are ideal for pets with a more delicate digestive system



Supply Your Pets with the Best by Subscribing Today


If you want nothing more than to ensure your best boy or girl is getting exactly the nutrition he or she needs and never anything less, then our high quality, delicious dog food brands will be just what you need. By subscribing to our service and choosing to have the dog food delivered to your door, you will also be making sure that this never runs out!


We are delighted to be able to offer free delivery services to any UK Mainland address, so your scrumptious subscription will remain cost-effective for your budget, as well as giving your precious pooch a new reason to jump up with excitement. Hopefully they won’t do this too much with the delivery person!


Contact our team of animal lovers today and we will be glad to provide everything you need to keep your best friend at their most Healthy, Happy and Fabulous, for as long as you need (you can cancel the subscription at any time) and in a way that tantalises your dog’s taste buds most.


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