The Bone Idol Puppy Guide:

Here at Bone Idol we love puppies & we want to help you and your new furry puppy have the best start in life!


Much like us they come in many shapes & sizes and as you get to know your new dog you will discover their personality and what they love.


To get you started we have pulled together some top tips, some things to think about, our free puppy package and the 'Bone Idol Puppies Introduction to Dog Grooming Programme'. It's all here in hand sections below.


Welcome to the Bone Idol Puppy Guide.


Puppy Admin Guide:

Finding a Vet, Micro-chipping, Training & The Perfect Puppy. Getting a puppy will require some research, planning & administration.

Get an early start with our puppy admin guide before the arrival of your newest family member!

Puppy Proofing & Preparing Your Home:

Puppies are natural explorers so check out the Bone Idol check list for puppy proofing and preparing you home for your new arrival!

Top tips and advice to make the first day with your puppy as easy as possible.

Puppy Socialisation:

During the early weeks and months you will want to introduce your puppy to lots of different sights, sounds and experiences.

These are our top tips for helping your puppy socialise during this key phase of their new life.

Puppy Behaviour:

The first months in a new puppies life are an amazing time for learning about new things. Here is our introduction to Puppy Behaviour, from toilet training to cuddles and play pens.

We are so excited for your new puppy!

Puppy Grooming:

All puppies will require grooming of some kind and this is largely dependant on the breed of your puppy. Discussing this with a qualified local groomer or with our grooming team here in Brighton will help you plan out the best process for making sure that you and your puppy enjoy a lifetime of grooming.


Read the Bone Idol Guide to Puppy Grooming here and watch the Bone Idol TV guide to brushing your dog.

Bone Idol Puppy Food:

Learn all about the Bone Idol Puppy Food range. A healthy dog food for happy puppies. Balanced and complete, with no nasties. Human grade ingredients and everything your puppy needs for healthy development and life.

Free Puppy Grooming Package - Dog Grooming

We believe that a positive grooming experience is vital for your dog. So we offer all puppies free puppy package for your puppy
worth up to £30 as part of the Bone Idol's recommended puppy introduction to dog grooming programme.