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Many factors can contribute to your dog's health, however the better the quality of food the more benefit and nutrients it will receive, it will then be able to turn the nutrients into energy for everyday health and wellbeing. At Bone Idol, we want to help you ensure your dog is healthy, happy & fabulous. 


How can you tell the quality of a product?

When your dog consumes food they will inevitably produce stools. But what does this tell you about the quality of the food?



Your dog's stool should be brown in colour. If it is another colour it could indicate a problem in which we would recommend speaking to your vet for advice. 


It should be firm, but not too hard. A good firm stool means that your dog's gastrointestinal tract is absorbing the nutrients from their food efficiently. Loose stools may mean the food isn’t being absorbed properly by the gastrointestinal tract or can be a sign of infection. If you are worried about this we recommend contacting your vet for further advice. 



The main contributor to how much your pet produces a stool will be how much they are fed in accordance with their size and nutritional requirements. If your dog is producing large volumes it could mean that they are consuming a large amount of indigestible food within their diet.

The more digestible the food the fewer the stools as the nutrients are made more available.

Freshly prepared proteins have 90%+ digestibility therefore your pet will be able to utilise the nutrients more efficiently.
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