Hyperactive Dogs and Their Diet - Are They Linked?

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We often get asked by customers at Bone Idol if  "hyper-activeness in dogs be caused by their diet?”

It is usual for healthy and stimulated dogs to be energetic, alert and interested, although a dog which cannot calm down or relax could be hyperactive.

This can be due to several reasons, one of which could be related to their diet. 

Dogs should be fed the correct diet for their life stage as it's important the food is formulated to provide sufficient energy requirements.

If an adult dog is fed a diet for a puppy or working dog then they are likely to be getting too much protein and energy, possibly causing hyperactivity.

The same scenario can be true for senior dogs on an adult diet. Sugar can cause peaks in the dog’s blood sugar which can cause hyperactive behaviour. Our Bone Idol recipe range does not contain added sugar, many treats and human food “tit-bits” do.

Choosing treats which do not contain sugar and refraining from giving your dog unhealthy human food could reduce this hyperactive behaviour. It is important that when feeding treats alongside pets daily food, you lower the food given in order to take into account the additional calories. Our Doggy Deli in our Brighton shop stocks an array of healthy and nutritious treats and snack. You can read more about it HERE 

Some sensitive dogs can also have the same peaking blood sugar reaction from carbohydrates like cereals and grains. In this case, we would advise that a diet from our Bone Idol Grain Free range was fed.

This is because the Grain Free range contains Sweet Potato which has a low glycemic index. You can shop our entire range HERE each recipe is available in both full and sample sizes. 

If you have any further questions about our food you can email us at food@boneidolbrighton.com or call us on 01273 695631. 

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