5 Tips to make vet visits less stressful for your dog

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Aside from the regular reasons to take your dog to the vets for example vaccinations, weight management and puppy socialising classes, January can also be a great time to take your dog for a health check.

For a lot of dogs however, the vet is not their preferred destination and many pet parents know this only too well.

Dog's and vet anxiety, for example, can be due to bad experiences like remembered injections, operations or simply separation from their owner in an unfamiliar environment. This can make future visits a challenging time for both your dog and you as their owner.

Canine anxiety and stress can manifest in a number of different ways such as aggression, fear, over-excitement and other challenging behaviours.

Some dogs will simply freeze and refuse to move with a small breed this is less of a problem but picking up larger dogs, like a Labrador to get them through the doors isn’t easy.

At Bone Idol, we have put together 5 hints and tips together to try and make veterinary visits less stressful for you both.

  • Try taking your dog to see your vet more frequently for weight checks and quick visits so they become more familiar with the environment and location. 
  • Manage their behaviour in the waiting room and surgery by bringing along a friend to help keep them under control and distracted from other animals waiting. 
  • Give them a long walk (what is regarded as a long walk for your dog) before going so they will be happier to sit quietly and wait their turn. 
  • Find out from the reception staff if there are quieter times to visit the surgery or if home visits are possible if your dog gets stressed by a busy waiting room. 
  • Plan a treat or outing to a favoured place after the visit, for instance, a good walk or time with other canine friends, so they start to associate the vets with fun afterwards.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and always remember if you are worried about your dog's stress or anxiety levels always seek advice directly from your vet. 

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