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Bone Idol launched our own range of dog food because we understand the importance of giving the newest member of your family the best start in life.

We are proud to be able to help your dog be fabulously fed for life on Bone Idol food, from puppy to senior.

Our Bone Idol Grain-Free Salmon Puppy recipe includes 60% fish. This complete and balanced fish feast includes Salmon, Haddock & Blue Whiting which makes this a multi-protein source kibble.

There are many advantages of a multi-protein source kibble and this can be especially advantageous for puppies and was the driving factor in the creation of our high-quality food.

By Exposing a puppy to various fish species our Bone Idol multi-protein source recipe means that the puppy is less likely to develop a sensitivity or intolerance to other protein sources in their adult years. Something that will benefit them throughout their life.

Fish is bursting with naturally high levels of Omega 3, which is crucial for skin and coat development. This is all essential at this stage of the puppy’s development as well as providing a high-quality source of protein which is also essential for correct growth and development.

Bone Idol Brighton Puppy Dog Food - designed with love for your dog.

Alongside our food, we also offer an incredible puppy package for our customers based in the Sussex area.

Once your new pup has had their second round of vaccinations you can book them in for a carefully designed introduction to the grooming parlour. We will give them a nice bath and brush, clean their eyes, feet, cut their nails and give them a hygiene clip if needed.  


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